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November 13, 2015 | RDA West & Central Scotland Web team

In order to comply with the new rules of succession on Regional Committees, three county chairmen from our region, Penny Buchanan (Ayrshire), June Grainger (Central) and Dorothy Wilson (Perth) will be stepping down at the end of this year. The work and commitment that they have cumulatively given to our groups, and this region, has been phenomenal and we could never thank them enough.

Earlier this year Jane Isaac stepped down as Argyll County Chairman. Anne Ritchie has, with her characteristic energy and enthusiasm, leapt into supporting the Argyll groups. She is currently especially involved with the new Isle of Mull group. In January Patsy Muir Simpson will also be ‘handing over the reins’ as Carriage Driving Representative to Eileen Cornish.

We are therefore URGENTLY seeking THREE NEW COUNTY CHAIRMEN. It is not essential for candidates to have vast experience with the RDA in the first instance but a willingness to learn and to get involved, a positive, supportive attitude and the drive to be part of the continued development of the RDA in West & Central Scotland. Could that be you?

For more specific details and the new County Chairman Profile please contact Mary Dunlop –

The committee is a hive of both equine and RDA experience, working well together to make sure that we are able to give the best support that we can to all the groups in our region, and to each other.

There will be an opportunity later on to say a huge thank you to all our retiring committee members and welcome to the new ones.

Volunteers wanted

RDA is run by 18,000 volunteers who give their time to our centres all over the UK – and we always need more. With the support of people like you, investing a couple of hours each week, we can continue to provide our life-changing activities and increase provision to include the thousands of people who are currently missing out.

Whatever your skills, you will have something to offer RDA – and it’s not just about horses and ponies – there are plenty of other jobs that need to get done and you’re bound to find a role that suits you.

You can help make a difference..

By giving your time:

You don’t have to be horsey, but it helps!
Each RDA Group needs volunteers to help with riding/driving, transport and fund raising.

If you would like to help, whether with your time or money, please contact Gillie: