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Trefoil Guild support West & Central Regional Dressage Competition
15 June 2018 | RDA West & Central Scotland webteam


The Trefoil Guild has for 2018 chosen the RDA as their charity of the year.  The Guild is sending monies raised to RDA headquarters and is sponsoring the Countryside challenge at Hartpury

The West and Central Scotland committee decided to offer the two trefoil groups who were already in contact the opportunity to send two people per group to present the prizes for the countryside challenge at the qualifiers at Glasgow

As it turned out this part of the qualifiers did not take place but the ladies decided to come and see what RDA is all about.

Winnie and Lena from the Bishopbriggs Guild and Joy and Ann from the NorLan guild came on the day.

They were all enthralled by what they saw and most appreciative of all the people who came to chat and explain what RDA meant to them and their family.

The arts and crafts section was an added bonus as they did not realise this was part of the RDA experience.

The ladies were offered the opportunity to present prizes and Ann and Winnie were delighted to participate.

At a late lunch the ladies expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to come and see what happened at the event and felt encouraged, amazed and enlightened.

Sheila Sheret

15th June 2018 | RDA West & Central Scotland webteam

On Tuesday 29th May, Glasgow RDA kindly hosted the West & Central Scotland Regional Dressage Competition.  On a dry sunny day, but thankfully not too hot, the riders, who had trained hard for weeks, were ready for their Dressage tests.  This year sadly, due to a number of unforeseen circumstances there were less competitors than in previous years but Glasgow, Equipower and Gareloch groups were represented.  The competition was no less keen. Sadly, due to the small numbers of participants we had to cancel the Countryside Challenge and Tack and Turn out. Hopefully all will be restored for next year.  

Thanks to the fantastic input from their coaches, volunteers and the support of the horse owners, it was clear that all the effort had paid off as many riders were presented with rosettes and trophies too.  

This year four competitors with be travelling down for the National Championships which will be held at Hartpury College, Gloucestershire in July.  

It was a great pleasure to have three ladies representing various groups in our Region of the Trefoil Guild there to present the prizes.  The ladies told me how delighted they were to attend and how inspired they were with the skills and competitiveness of all our riders. The National Trefoil Guild have chosen the RDA as their Charity of the year and are sponsoring the Countryside Challenge at the National Championships In addition, groups have been fund raising and donating to RDA groups throughout this year.  Mrs. Susan McNiel from the Glasgow Board also very kindly assisted with the prize giving.

West & Central Regional Committee would like to thank Glasgow RDA , our judges, writers, and all the organisers and helpers for a tremendous day.



LINDSAY TROPHY WINNER:    Carys Marie Williams – Gareloch


GARDNER TROPHY WINNER:  Leah Syme – Equi-Power

Riding for the Disabled Carriage Driving Scottish Qualifiers at Hopetoun House, Edinburgh
24th May 2018 | RDA West and Central Scotland webteam

For the second year running, it was a blisteringly hot day at Hopetoun House for the RDA Qualifiers.  Teams from Garioch, Forth Driving, Argyll and Annandale & Eskdale produced some close competition.

West & Central qualifying success came for Alison Colvin (Forth Driving ) was 2nd in the Open Qualifiers, driving Rosie, Linda Farquhar (Forth Driving) was 1st  in the Intermediate Qualifiers, driving Rosie and Emma Hunter (Forth Driving) was 2nd  in the Novice, driving Ozzy.  Unfortunately, only two Forth drivers are able to go down to Hartpury and as Alison has been twice before, this year will be the turn of Linda and Emma.

The Fliskmillan Trophy is for new comers to competition or for those that love to compete but are struggling to remember a dressage test or learn the cones/obstacle course.   Ellen Kennedy, Jamie Buckley, and Holly Cartwright, all from Argyll and Lizzie Jackson from Forth Driving , put in tremendous efforts for West & Central. They all put aside their competition nerves and faced the dressage section.  Then it was back in again to focus on the very challenging obstacles and cones course. We were thrilled to watch and I hope that they were all thrilled with their achievements. The winner of the Fliskmillan Trophy was Lizzie Jackson from Forth Driving.

The RDA Challenge Trophy for the group achieving the Highest Cumulative Score in the RDA classes, was won by Annandale & Eskdale.  They were delighted to receive the trophy from Mrs. Sam Orde, RDA Chairman. Sam had a lovely day meeting and chatting with everyone involved.   She was very impressed by the inclusion of the RDA in the larger competition, giving everyone a real sense of the preparation, excitement and atmosphere of this wonderful event, in such a wonderful setting.

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9th February 2018 | RDA WCS Webteam

A revised edition of Dates for Your Diary is attached.  Please note the dates for Fundraising Workshop have been changed to 12th & 13th March.  Zsofia Preddle is coming up from National.  She will present a fundraising workshop open to all on the evening of 12th March.  However it was felt that some groups may be looking for more specific advice and groups will be able to book in for individual appointments with Zsofia during the day on 13th March.  All to be at RDA Glasgow, Sandyflat.,  I will get booking forms out asap.

Best wishes,


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